Call 911 if you want to live
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 Heart Attacks are the #1 killer in the land.

There are 300 million people in the United States today.

2 million of these people will die very year from all causes.

Almost half of the deaths are caused by heart attacks.

Many of these deaths can be avoided if a person knows what to do.

If if someone is having a heart attack They should not deny it and think it will go away They should not drive themselves or have someone else drive them to the nearest hospital. If some one is having a heart attack they must immediately  CALL 911 and let highly trained emergency services personnel take them to a medical center that are experts at providing the gold standard of cardiac care.

In the US today this is commonly not done. 

A recent editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine states, that it is most difficult to reduce the delay from symptom onset to first medical contact in people with heart attacks. Although it is shorter than it was several years ago, mean symptom duration is still 2 hours before first medical contact, and 40% of patients do not contact EMS. Continued efforts are needed to educate patients about heart attack symptoms and about calling 911 to permit EMS triage. It’s time to turn attention to the further development of systems that address the continuum of heart attack care, from symptom onset through return to the community

Heart Attack Blues is a provocative video that shows people how to recognize a heart attack and what to do to save a life. This message must be delivered to so that that the world can be saved from heart attacks. 

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